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Platform Products

Platform Products
Acquire optimize

Acquire & Optimize

Unified Mobile Ad Platform for user acquisition with real-time fraud analytics

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Engage & Grow

Customer Data Platform for Marketing Attribution, Automated User Lifecycle Analytics & CRM Platform Management & Maximizing ROI

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Organize & Monetize

Data management platform with segmented audience data for targeting & monetization

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Acquire & Optimize

Driving mobile user growth across channels

Optimized Demand Side Platform

Multi SSP Integration

Bid across SSPs like MoPub and Smaato.Extending to Google AdX.

Dynamic Bidding

Automatic dynamic bidding logic e.g. $1 bid will bid $0.8 to $1.2 and optimize for savings

Objective Optimization

CTR optimization for eCPC. Conversion optimization available soon. E.g. will optimize for Installs, Leads etc.

Frequency Capping

Impression or Click capping for X times
in Y days.

Personalized Targeting

Broad-based targeting for Location, Gender, Age or specific Device ID based campaigns.

Viewability & Site Research

MOAT & ForensiQ integration for Viewability guarantee+ Site Research for audience & bid estimations.


Click Stuffing/Spamming

Sending bulk and huge quantity of


The user’s device and browser were manipulated to resemble a different device or browser.

Device Farms

Building a large segment of Fake
Device IDs

BOT Traffic

Automated traffic –Impressions/Clicks/In-App activity

APK Scams

Hacking the app including attribution

Ad Stacking

Multiple ads stacked together to trigger multiple
clicks at a time from users

Engage & Grow


  • Mobile App Attribution

    Single dashboard to measure the performance & quality of traffic sources for your marketing campaigns.

  • CRM & Re-Engagement

    Automated push-notifications for timely reach out to your target audiences.

  • Capture Rich Data

    Benefit from knowing your customers & their actions against every touchpoint using 100+ KPVs.

Customer Data Platform

Data & Audience Intelligence Services for Maximizing ROI.

  • In-App Analytics & Cohorts

    Track important user-engagement metrics like no. of user sessions, active devices, volume of purchases, etc. Use Cohort analysis to identify hidden data patterns.

  • Smart Segment Builder

    Create relevant user segments for your business based on insightful user-behaviour data.

  • Fraud Analytics

    Real-time fraud detection platform with in-built machine learning algorithms derived from research on 15+ reason codes linked to ad fraud.

Track installs, events & attributes

Track & Measure

Measure organic & paid sources of installs using the “New Users Suite”

Visual Data

Run Campaigns with Multiple Media Partners

100+ Key Value
Pairs (KVPs)

Get data on product ratings using industry specific KVPs.


Build smart user buckets for cutomized re-engagement

lifetime value & roi

user acquisition platforms

For Growth & Advertising

user acquisition platforms

For Growth & Advertising

user acquisition platforms

For Growth & Advertising

Automate & optimize

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Push Notifications



Facebook Custom Audience

Google ReTargeting Lists


Organize & Monetize

commerce dmp

Target Pre-Built

100+ pre-built segments created
basis displayed intent behaviors

Sync Data
to PMP

Target audience deployment via Private Marketplace placements.


Built custom segment basis interests,
purchase behaviours & locations


Bid on segment across leading data exchanges.

Private Cloud & Data Centre Deployments

Data is the new Gold. Protect it.
We deploy our platform at your Data Centre or in a Private Cloud environment controlled by you.

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